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The Shattered Steam campaign setting is an alternative timeline/parallel universe to earth, featuring a post-apocalyptic setting, steampunk technology with a dash of colonial exploration and wild-west styling’s.

Brief Stage Setting:

An asteroid in early 18th Century smashes into North America, preventing the American Industrial Revolution from ever occurring, and formation of the country for that matter, killing all settlers, colonialists, and most of the Indian population in North America, and half of South.

Now in the late 19th Century, steam power reigns supreme, magnetic tech also has improved significantly since then, along with the discovery of the Aether as an energy source—an improved replacement for electricity in terms of power outage, but more expensive to buy, and devilishly difficult to create.
Around one hundred and fifty years later, colonist from England, France, a decimated Spain seek to once again settle the new world. Some continue to seek religious freedom, but others will conquer land, power, and the elusive gold, similar to that found in South America. Unknown to them, they are not alone… and the game has changed forever.

Main Page

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