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My forefathers told me that a man could earn his place in the world through ‘blood, sweat and tears.’ Turns out that they were wrong… this is the 19th Century, and the intelligent man can earn his place through ‘blood, steam and the smoke of gunfire.’

—Benjamin J. Mortimer, 1885

In the year of our lord Seventeen Hundred Twenty-Two, the day the heavens fell, Wormwood from God smite the earth, specifically the British colonies in the New World, and they were destroyed… or so we thought. Rumors have spread that strange creatures have been seen on the misty New England Coast along the Outer Banks of Carolina Charter. New Colonists have come from England, France, and scattered remnants from Spain after the French offensive of Seventeen Hundred Ninety-Six this past score. We are headed to New Jamestown at the foot inlet of the Chesapeake Bay aboard the H.M.S. Adamant II, may God bless our voyage.

—Father Milton Q. Adams 1873

Understanding the Qunta-Inverse Theorum of Aether-Matix Mater through a Flux-Capacitor coupled with Magtech Converter is quite simple! First you super-heat the capacitor so that a ion-helium gas approaches the vector-point, combining with steam from the Matrix Generator…
Ok, it’s not simple… but it works!

—Attributed to Charles Bubbage, 1857, the Imperial Inventor of England, On the Properties and Elements of Aether

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