Shattered Steam

St. Mathew's Parish


The Parish stands at the north end of the city, standing as one of the few remaining buildings from before the cataclysm of 1722 of the original Jamestown settlement. The rest had been destroyed by the event, or in such great disrepair that they were torn down, but this particular house of worship remained, a stone testament to what came before. It has been relatively unused, since there has been no priest in residence for a while.

Two large oak doors mark the entrance on one side, the church is surrounded by a small graveyard, and the city wall is built behind. Other buildings clamor up to a wooden fence that marks the edges of the graveyard, a few even overhang it. The chapel is a single room design, with an attached living quarter for the priest and also housed the confessional. A small raised podium stands beneath a shaft of light at the far end of the room. There is closed door on the right that leads to another room. Candles light the interior, a wooden crucifix is raised behind the podium.



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