Perry Whitton-Boothby, Former AOC of the IRAF

Former AOC (Air Officer Commanding) of the IRAF (Imperial Royal Air Force).


Late 50s, Strong jaw, angular face, close cropped dark hair, tattered blue IRAF officer uniform with brass buttons, reeks of two day old tonic and Yardley’s English Lavender fragrance generously applied.

Photograph of a younger Perry while still enlisted in the IRAF, taken in Meerut, India, circa 1857.


His past may be mysterious, but his present occupation as the Sheriff of New Jamestown, leaves much to be desired. Aside from his boasts of great war accomplishments and brave acts of honor and heroism, AOC Whitton-Boothby adds little to the to the settlement in terms of productivity, but much in terms of atmosphere.

Perry Whitton-Boothby, Former AOC of the IRAF

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